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Pam and Steve Marsters, Herndon

When selling our home wanted to hire an experienced and talented real estate team for such a large financial investment to get our home sold – we sought out and received a professional business partner in the Brennan’s! Together, they are a great team to work with because they have complimentary and different strengths and talents which enhance their ability to get along well with people and most importantly, get homes sold. In hiring a real estate agent we were focused on three business outcomes. The first was experience and up-to-date expertise for an every changing and challenging – the Brennan Real Estate Team deployed the perfect balance. They not only invested time but money such as quality brochures and professional photography. The second was efficiency and effective business practices – time is the most precious commodity available, and therefore, we were looking for a business relationship that focused on our goal of selling our home within 60 days. The Brennan Team focused on meeting our goals and they communicated with us early and often. We received daily email updates with market updates and customer feedback. They have numerous resources for professional vendors in helping us prepare our home for sale. And lastly, our goal was to sell the house and cross the finish line! Marilyn and Chris handled all the paperwork to get us to settlement in a timely manner. They gave us advance copies of the necessary paperwork, so that when we did meet face to face, we were ready to implement a course of action. In closing, we would be please to share our positive experience with others!